Astro Exploration

An engaging augmented reality app for learning about our solar system.

An educational augmented reality application that works with physical cards and a smartphone to engage a younger audience as they learn about our solar system.
After a single session spent learning the fundamentals of AR development, my teammate and I designed and developed a working prototype over the period of a week.
I fulfilled the roles of creative director and project manager. With a drive to create something with a deeper purpose, our goal became to engage children in learning, and National Science Week was a great opportunity to connect with the community. This project resulted in us being invited to run the “Serious Games in Education” workshop for teachers (affiliated with National Science Week 2018).

* Featured in The Gold Coast Bulletin, was shared nationwide by various news websites, and was featured on Bond University’s website and social media profiles. 
* Developed as a part of the Designing for Emerging Technology course. I achieved 96% overall and received the First in Class award.

With the aim of engaging young people by bringing mixed reality into the classroom, the application (along with the accompanying collectible cards) is an accessible educational tool that provides a new and exciting approach to learning about our solar system and the planets within it.

With the application downloaded, looking at the planet cards with your phone provides an animated augmented visualisation of the corresponding planet with on-screen buttons to show and hide interesting facts about the planet being explored.
Question cards offer additional proximity-based interaction, with visual and audible feedback being provided when the user brings a planet card close to the question card (to communicate a correct or incorrect answer). This action can be used to test the user’s knowledge about the information obtained from the planet cards.  

To work in a small team to design and develop a computer experience (or game) integrating one or more of the emerging technologies explored during the semester. 

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96% was received for the prototype submission and 97% for Part One (Design Specification Document). 96% was received for the subject overall (High Distinction).