A full digital media campaign for a feminine approach to the Lynx brand.
[ Please note that this project was an exercise and is not affiliated with Lynx. ]


Designed to inform the user and make connections with existing and potential customers, the microsite serves as a platform where people can be exposed to the product, connect with the brand on social media, find out more about the promotion and enter the competition.

It’s a responsive design that’s optimised for mobile, although it also displays and functions well on desktop and tablet for a versatile and accessible way to support the other advertisements that form the digital media campaign.

With the use of visual design elements that remain consistent across all platforms, a strong brand identity is maintained.

The colour scheme is mostly black and white, although a pop of colour has been used to provide additional flair and increased interest, along with a feminine touch. The pink used on the fragrance line’s main product, “Giorno” was chosen as it is thought to be the most feminine.

Please see below if you’re interested in viewing the full documentation.