A piece of original geometric art created from my own photograph using Adobe Illustrator and Processing.

Figure 1. Artwork created from an original photograph using Illustrator in addition to the Processing programming language and integrated development environment (IDE).

As an introduction to coding, our assignment was to create an artwork using Processing. Adobe Illustrator was used to convert a rasterised photograph to vector format. Shapes were then created and layered by referencing the coordinates of vertices. 

Working on this project fostered attention to detail, precision and persistence. It also helped to establish clear and tidy coding habits. 
Although Illustrator and/or Photoshop could be used to create a similar effect, without the need for code, this task taught me about some of the possibilities this programming language allows. Furthermore, it laid the foundation of skills required to create a procedural artwork (the course’s final assessment item).

Figure 2. Original photograph to the left and geometric artwork created with Processing on the right.

97% for this piece of assessment, 89% for the subject overall (High Distinction).