Sky High

At the bottom of everything, there’s the thirst for a broader perspective.

It’s only been four years since I was last on an adventure like the one that’s on the horizon, yet so much has changed and I know there’s still so much I can learn.

After recently graduating from my undergraduate degree at university (a semester earlier than anticipated), it occurred to me that I may never have another opportunity like this… to fly away on my own, with so few worries, just a backpack and not return until three months later. So that’s exactly what I’ve decided to do. At the beginning of September, I’ll be flying to Munich. From there, I’ll begin my travels around central/eastern Europe; exploring, learning, absorbing and reflecting, as I cross the borders of twelve countries in buses, sleep in hostels and remind myself what it’s like to be left to my own devices.

In anticipation of my departure, it’s as though my trip has already begun. At this point, I’ve spent a helluva lot of time organising and preparing for my trip, which has honestly been such a joy for me. I get a real kick out of trying to do things as well as I can, but I’m conscious enough to remember that no matter how much I plan, there’ll still be things that don’t go to plan, and those imperfections are perfectly welcomed.

One of the initial pages of the travel journal

This organising and planning phase has resulted in a lot of learnings in itself. You could now call me an expert on how to plan and prepare for a cheap trip, without compromising safety or the value of experience. I’ve been keeping track of every little expense, and I’ll continue to do this while I’m away, so I’ll be able to provide accurate costs of certain aspects by the end of it. But the budget aspect, or the tips and tricks I’ve learnt from experience and thorough research aren’t going to be the only things this blog will explore.

Overall, I’ve created this space as somewhere I can vent and share my thoughts and experiences along the way. Going from being surrounded by friends and family, to complete strangers and different cultures can come as a shock, so I’ve made the decision to prioritise my art. I’ve got a couple of little activities that I’m going to do try to do on a regular basis, to both look after myself and ensure I’m documenting my development, or at least developing by doing these things in themselves. I want this trip to feed my travel bug, so I can come back alive, inspired, refreshed and prepped for some serious adulting of the butt kicking variety.