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I'm Olivia Meredith

and I think I could be perfect for this role!


Dear Currumbin RSL Group

I appreciate and admire the Currumbin RSL Group as an organisation and would be over the moon if given the opportunity to be a part of what they do. As a local, I’ve observed how they set themselves apart from the other establishments and I know I’d be an asset who can help to continually strengthen the brand through my work as their Multimedia Designer.

To exemplify my fitness for the role, I’ve prepared this web page which is complete with examples of my work and just a few of the reasons why I’m so excited to hear from you.

I hope you enjoy my application. Let me know if you have any questions!


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Profile + Summary


Name: Olivia Meredith

Number: +61 412 388 666


Location: Currumbin
(ooh, how convenient!)


Hard-Working, Self-Motivated
& Committed.

Honest & Genuine.

Renowned for being really organised
& crazy about time management. 

Embraces change & is skilled at adapting to circumstances with ease.

interests & passions

With an inquisitive nature, my interests are diverse; I love learning new things and being challenged.

Comfortable with managing multiple projects,
I embrace the process of repeatedly learning and applying new information to produce improved outcomes.

I’m passionate about human-centered design and using knowledge of past, current and future trends to strategise, solve problems, predict needs and design a variety of assets that can collaboratively contribute to a strong and consistent brand.

The role

The role of Multimedia Designer at the Currumbin RSL Group really caught my eye because not only does it involve working for a local establishment I know and love, it also encapsulates so many of my interests and skills. I have found fulfilment and a degree of success with my own business but I would love to embrace a new challenge and streamline my focus with this role.

You’ll see I have broken down your advertisement and addressed each of your points directly below.

What I Can Do” refers to everything mentioned in the introduction and “The Role” sections of your advertisement.
Responsibilities → Capabilities” addresses your section titled, “You will be responsible for”.
Demonstrations” refers to your sections titled, “The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate”.

What I can do

✓ In short, everything your adverisement mentions!

✓ Think creatively & approach the role with a creative flair

✓ Produce new ideas and concepts

✓ Create design solutions with high visual impact

✓ Work effectively in a fast-paced environment

✓ Apply my current knowledge of design software & techniques

✓ Interpret design briefs

✓ Prepare design concepts

✓ Produce both digital & print advertisements

✓ Produce photo and video footage

✓ Balance creativity with professionalism

✓ Consistently meet time frames and budgets

Responsibilities → CAPABILITIES

designing assets

Whilst studying interactive media and design, I had the opportunity to experiment with many different mediums whilst receiving world-class guidance and feedback. Now, as a self-employed multimedia designer, I’m constantly creating a variety of assets for my clients. You can learn a bit about my process here and see examples of my branding & graphic work here.

Using the adobe creative suite

All of my formal education was carried out using the Adobe Suite and I continue to use the software in my day-to-day life so I am comfortable and efficient working with these tools. 

working with teams

As much as I love working alone, I love working with people. You can see a bit about my design process and how I work with my clients here


I love using WordPress and I currently manage multiple websites so I would love for this to be a part of my role. You can see my work with WordPress here.

administration duties

I’ve worked as an administrative assistant and I’m currently self-employed so I have a solid understanding of these duties and I value their importance.

updating advertising

I have some experience with both digital and print advertising. I look forward to learning more about how advertising is approached by the Currumbin RSL.

printing prepress

I’m experienced with printing digital designs; packaging files and liaising with printers (Print Monster, Moo & Vistaprint). You can see some of my business card designs here.

Currumbin RSL'S Assets

As a business owner, I understand and constantly practice the management and protection of both my and my clients’ brand assets. I am known for my attention to detail, so controlling these assets and adhering to the best practice guidelines is something I will naturally take very seriously. 

strategy & innovation

Coming up with creative solutions is one of my favourite things to do. I look forward to having a fresh project to work on and can’t wait to see what I can come up with.


✓ Minimum two years experience (see here).

✓ Formal design qualification (see here).

✓ Graphic design portfolio (see here).

✓ Great technical skills

✓ Understanding and application of the Universal Principles of Design

✓ Professional skills and competency with the Adobe Suite and core Microsoft programs

✓ Lover of organisation! File organisation skills are above average

✓ Experience with the process of bringing digital designs to print

✓ Highly developed written communication (here’s an academic blog)

✓ Highly developed verbal communication (here’s a nervous Olivia delivering her Valedictory address to 1500 people)

✓ Demonstrated knowledge of WordPress (see here)

✓ Attention to detail i.e.: design, copy and checking of projects (see my application)

✓ Photography skills (see here).

✓ Can work independently, but is a team player with a willingness to support the wider team (me, 100%)

✓ Excellent organisational and time management skills (you could ask anyone I know and they would all say I’m very organised and constantly trying to improve my time management)

✓ Proven ability to meet tight deadlines (I love deadlines. I set them for myself and always meet them [e.g. applying for this job before Thursday])

✓ Demonstrated ability to be flexible and adapt to changing and last-minute demands (I am a natural problem solver so whenever something comes up, I take a deep breath, assess the situation and come up with a new approach).


current role

(1.5 YEARS)

Self-employed all-rounder. Founder of Hazel & Gilbert, a Branding Boutique that helps people with everything to do with how their business looks, feels and functions.

Brand strategy, brand design, photography (headshots, products), videography (brand, events), graphic design, web design & development (WordPress), social media and education.



Interpreting briefs & preparing concepts. Creating innovative designs that bring spaces to life in alignment with the establishments’ brands. Four projects across Central & Eastern Europe.
See here for more.


Strategy, research, design & digital media.


Filing and office organisation. Client liaison. Quality Assurance.


Bachelor of Interactive Media & Design
(Bond University, 2019)

Graduated as the Valedictorian, having achieved the highest grade in the faculty (cumulative percentage average of 89%). Received ten First In Class awards.

For more about my studies, see here.
For my university portfolio, see here.
For my more recent design work, see here.

the Design Process

With my branding and web design clients, we use Trello to facilitate collaboration and communication. This helps to promote organisation and efficiency, whilst providing a space to be creative and share ideas.

Here’s a little video I made for you to say hello and talk a bit about Trello.
I filmed it in one take to give you an authentic idea of me in an unfiltered, unedited form!
I could have filmed it again to improve it but I hope the authenticity counts for something.

Project Organisation w/ Trello

Within Trello, I present my clients with a number of questions and mini tasks relating to their brand.
This helps to provide me with insight into what they’re envisioning, ensures their branding and assets are built on a meaningful foundation, and assists with minimising guesswork.

Once I’ve received their answers, I observe their responses, identify patterns and piece together options for their Creative Directions. 
You can find an example of three Creative Directions I prepared for my client, Wholesome Health Hub, below.

Creative Directions


Moving forward

Once the client has chosen their Creative Direction, I prepare the first draft of their branding assets (logos, colour palette and typography) which usually contains two or three options.

I then request feedback before moving onto a second draft.

My web design process works in a similar way.
By regularly requesting feedback, I involve my clients in the process and provide them with a sense of control.
This approach ultimately helps me to build a strong foundation, minimises backtracking and improves efficiency.

Branding & Graphic Design

Wholesome health hub

Branding and website for a local nutritionist.

Brand Strategy, Photography, Logos, Colour Palette, Typography, Business Cards, WordPress Website, Appointment Booking System, Social Media Education & Printable Resources.

You can see the website here:

See below for Wholesome Health Hub’s final Branding document.


Wags n' Co

Branding and website for a local nutritionist.

Product Photography, Logos, Colour Palette, Typography, Wix Website (managed by the client) and Social Media Education.

business cards

Experience with printing digital designs; packaging files and liaising with printers (Print Monster, Moo & Vistaprint).


Making websites is one of my favourite things to do.
I love how the medium brings together creativity and structured functional systems.  

I use WordPress with Elementor on a daily basis and love it!
I also love learning about other approaches and I pick things up quickly.
I’ve built games and virtual reality experiences. These sorts of tools present themselves as fun challenges for me.

website creations

Culinary Catering

Brand refresh and development for a local catering company.

Wholesome Health Hub

Branding and website for a local nutritionist.

Hazel & Gilbert

My business. A work in progress and constantly evoling

Wags n' Co

Branding & Website. Managed by my client who has since made changes.

Olivia Meredith

Personal website. University portfolio, blog and general experiments.

Creative Kids

Brand refresh and development for a local childcare centre.



headshots & Brand shoots





Conceptualised, filmed and edited by Hazel & Gilbert (my partner and I).
Used to advertise Culinary Catering’s at-home dinner party service.

The business has told us that since using the below video in their social media advertisements, they’re busier than they’ve ever been and they’ve been in the industry for 20 years!

Additional short videos created for Culinary Catering’s Instagram

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to review my application.

Please feel free to reach out and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Wishing you all the best with your search for your Multimedia Designer.

Sincerely, | +61 412 388 666