Destination #2: Ćesky Krumlov, Czech Republic.

[05/09/19 – 07/09/19] – Two Days.

Summary: UNESCO World Heritage Site. Crappy weather, but a pretty little town to rest in. Lots of tourists taking photos, very few locals. Great opportunity to whip out my GoPro and not be concerned about forfeiting my attempt to blend in.

Reminders & Lessons Learned: Even if it’s rainy and you’d much rather just hang around in your jammies, free walking tours are worth the effort. Your mood will improve (fresh air, exercise and social interaction) and your overall experience of the city or town will be enriched by obtaining a deeper understanding. This is important because I love to be in my jammies.

Brains: I felt the void that remained in the absence of routine. It was nice to notice it, but it wasn’t comfortable. I caught myself staring off into space on multiple occasions. I think it was just part of my transitioning process, mixed with jet lag.

Small hostels aren’t always great for social interaction. I find they can be good to slip in between more social ones, but only in small doses because when you’re spending most of the day exploring on your own, it can be nice to come back “home” and chat to some humans if you feel like it.

On my second day, I met Kelly the Canadian. She was especially chatty, which balanced out the silence of my solitude but after two nights, I was ready to move on.