Destination #1: Munich, Germany. 
[03/09/19 – 05/09/19] – Two Days.

Summary: Weird feels. Hotter than anticipated. It’s a bit dodgy staying near the Hauptbahnhof. A boy from high school was in my dorm? I stayed to rest but then beer happened.

Reminders & Lessons Learned: If people buy you drinks, you drink them. But don’t drink all of them if you have a 5hr bus ride the next morning. Pretty obvious, but you know, sometimes I forget I’m not 20 anymore. 

Brains: I’ve travelled alone before, but coming back to do it again wasn’t like riding a bike. The transition from who I’ve been these past few years to solo travel girl hasn’t been seamless.

On my first night, I went to the hostel bar to use my free coupon and sat alone in anticipation. I felt like people were looking at me a lot. I felt like I was sitting strangely. Aside from trying to smile at people, I didn’t make any real effort to initiate a connection.

But then a simple, “hey” can kick you into gear (if it’s with the right person). For me, that person just so happened to be someone I met when I was 15 but the principle is the same. He kept our conversation going for hours and brought loads of people together. I hope I can be more like him as the travels go on.