Olomouc - The Poets' Corner

Since the feeling comes and goes, and I’m feeling all the feelings in this moment, let’s talk about Olomouc.

A sleepy town, in the Czech Republic. The sleepiest town in this country that I’ve come to know, yet my favourite for a number of reasons. When you’re staying at the Poets’ Corner Hostel, it’s almost as though the days come and go like the seasons. Although, I’ve slept and I’ve awoken and the days are still quite similar to those that passed before. But in a good way. Oh, how poetic.

The Poets' Corner Hostel - Olomouc, Czech Republic
The Poets’ Corner Hostel – Olomouc, Czech Republic

To me, this place is the perfect example of how people can rearrange your sense of being. I love spending a few days or more in a small, apartment-style, homey hostel like this one because it can help you reset when you’re on the road, whilst allowing you a chance at a bit more of a deeper connection. For me, it’s the perfect place to write.

I’ve been doing some design work for the hostel since I’ve been here. My first since graduating from university, so I’m a bit slow. It’s not that I don’t know what I’m doing, it’s more so that I want to do it well. But hey, this is no surprise for me. Hours have been spent on each of the couches that you can see in the photograph above; simplifying vectors and watching Netflix. It’s reminded me of my days spent studying, which may be terrifying to some but it takes me back to a place of calm.

On another note,

there’s something seriously bewildering about the passion, excitement and energy travelling and working on the road can give you.

It ignites me with all sorts of feelings that I’ve grown quite familiar with, yet they are yet to lose their novelty. It’s difficult to put into words, but being here (wherever it may be… I’m yet to figure out if it’s Europe, particular countries, or elsewhere in general) fills me with something that I haven’t felt in my home town.

There’s a tale for some more typing.