Having participated in a variety of co-curricular activities and events, I’ve been an ambassador for Bond University and the Interactive Media degree.

On March 8, 2019, Associate Professor James Birt presented at a career advisors’ event at Bond University.

The slide features two of my key portfolio pieces, The Happiness Project and Astro Exploration.

 The text beneath the images reads:

Multiple National Media Articles [Several University Projects]

Participation with 100s of people with the [2018]: Telstra Technology Awards, National Science Week and Bond University Open Day 

Current Internship Student


In 2018, I volunteered at Bond University’s Open Day. The day was spent showing our projects to the public and answering any questions they may have about studying at Bond or the Interactive Media degree.

In the main foyer of the Interactive Media and Design section, I was lucky enough to have been involved with both of the projects that had centre stage. These projects were Astro Exploration and The Happiness ProjectAs the only one who could speak in-depth about both projects, I spent the day sharing my insight, answering questions, doing demos and advocating for Bond University.

I had a wonderful, rewarding experience at Bond, so I thoroughly enjoyed conversing with the general public.

Pictured above is Sam and I doing demos and running mini-workshops for Open Day attendees.
The screen behind us displayed a live view of our augmented reality application, Astro Exploration, as seen through the phone.

Pictured above is The Happiness Project team. Nikolche (our tutor), Olivia (me), Alice and Simon.
Both projects were assessment pieces for the current semester, and the final due date was not for a few weeks. This meant we needed to work especially hard to develop functioning applications weeks in advance. With Bond’s fast tracked trimester structure, this meant we only had about four weeks to bring our projects from the brainstorming to prototyping stage.
My team members and I were proud to achieve this as it meant we could really make the most of the opportunity. We used the day to gather opinions, run user-testing, do additional target audience research, and identify where improvements could be made; all of which helped to improve the quality of our final projects.


A workshop provided by Bond University on August 17, 2018, for National Science Week.
My colleague Samuel Tulloch and I ran the Serious Games in Education Hands-On sessions where we used our Astro Exploration project as an example of the sorts of engaging and educational emerging technologies that could be incorporated into the school curriculum.


For the Mayor’s Telstra Technology Awards (2018), I was invited to volunteer at the mentoring session.
This involved participating with school-aged students to guide and enrich their innovative projects.