An academic spoken piece that discusses the fundamentals of this key concept and how the medium impacts digital media and society.

The digitalisation of communication has allowed convergence, participation and collective intelligence to function together. In this exercise, we leverage these three capabilities and assemble a collection of podcasts that, together, cover the key ideas of Digital Media and Society.  
Develop basic skills in digital audio content production at the level of user-generated content, 
Express complex ideas in concise and accessible written and spoken form, and 
Explore concepts of digital media relevant to your career to build your e-portfolio. 
Working on your own you will harness your creativity and hard work to create a well-researched, well-written and well-produced podcast.
Podcasts will be exactly 5 minutes long, edited with software freely available such as Audacity and no two podcasts will cover the same concept (all will be different). 
You may select your topic from any one of the new media concepts or theories discussed in lecture, or a concept or theory you stumble upon in your travels through cyberspace (with approval). 

A grade of 92% was received for this final piece of assessment, whilst I also received 92% for the subject overall.